We love our leafy green neighbourhoods in NSW. But along with all the advantages provided by our magnificent trees and shrubs comes some responsibility. Basically, you can prune your neighbours’ trees if they are overhanging your yard but only under certain conditions. The basic requirements are; get permission from your neighbour, and obtain a permit from the council. So, let’s take a look at the rules, regs and procedures.

Overhanging Trees – The Law in NSW

For most parts of NSW, you must first obtain permission from your neighbour to prune any overhanging tree branches. Note that this is for trees that don’t require a permit from the local council. If, on the other hand, you need a council permit, then you’ll also need a signature from your neighbour on the permit application. At this stage, if you’re unsure, why not talk to your local arborists?

Overhanging Trees – Owner’s Responsibility

Ultimately, overhanging trees are the responsibility of the tree’s owner. Therefore, it is their responsibility to prune any problematic branches that are encroaching on your yard. So, once you’ve notified the neighbour of the issue, they must take action within a reasonable time. Go here to find more detail about the legislation.

Who Pays and What About the Branches?

Basically, the pruner bears the cost. In other words, if you organise an arborist to do the work then you must pay the bill. Conversely, if your neighbour sorts it, then they pay. As for the waste, you can get permission from your neighbour to take the branches or ask the arborist to include waste removal in their quote.

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