Arborist reports

Arborist Reports and Consultancy Coffs Harbour

Professional Arborist Reports and Consultancy in Coffs Harbour

ArbPro Tree Specialists provide a wide range of professional AQF5 consulting services to assist clients with all aspects of tree management including arborist reports, property design DA approval, risk assessment and pest and disease management. Arboricultural consulting involves the independent and objective application of technical knowledge, analytical skills, and professional judgment to tree-related issues to provide observations, conclusions, and appropriate recommendations.

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Arborist reports can include:

  • On site consultations – verbal advice concerning a variety of topics.
  • Visual tree assessment (VTA) – structural assessment of trees.
  • Arboricultural assessment report – for use in tree permit applications.
  • Arboricultural impact assessment report – for use in development applications.
  • Development project management – on-site consulting arborist to observe and monitor construction activity.
  • Tree protection plans – to protect trees during construction activity.
  • Tree management plans – for routine management of trees.

Our consulting arborists are highly experienced and have attained the necessary qualifications to undertake this type of work (AQF Level 5 Arboriculture).

ArbPro Arborist Reports and Assessments

Arborist assessments are carried out for a variety of results. Usually, they are part of pre-purchase due diligence for residential properties or often, form part of a DA.

During the assessment, our arborist will inspect the tree’s health, dimensions, branches, roots, location and look for any diseases or pests. A detailed arborist report will then be provided to the owner, assessing the issues and risks associated with the tree(s). Recommendations and a plan of action will also be included in the report. The strategy of action may consist of tree pruning, bracing or complete tree removal.

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