Stump Grinding in Coffs Harbour

Stump Grinding Coffs Harbour

Fast, Efficient and Safe Stump Grinding in Coffs Harbour

The need for stump grinding in Coffs Harbour is reasonably common. We’re called in to remove tree stumps by grinding for several reasons. These include fallen trees after a storm, clearing land for residential or commercial development, as part of creating firebreaks or simply to thin out an existing group of trees. In fact, no matter the size or number of stumps, we’ll leave your property clear, flat and ready to use. ArbPro has a range of different size stump grinders available to grind any size stump to the desired depth. Moreover, our small grinders can access a standard 900mm gateway for those hard to get to stumps. Our large grinders can quickly grind the largest of stumps. As for access, all our grinders use a self-laying track system, so access through rough and uneven terrain is not an issue.

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Stump Grinding – What to Expect

Our professional and friendly team are dedicated to providing the best tree stump grinding service on the Coffs Coast. Consequently, we take every precaution to ensure your tree stump is removed with the minimum of fuss and in a safe manner. Our stump grinding service is often part of our tree removal service, and so we’ll do both jobs on the same day. But before we do anything, you can expect us to do a full onsite inspection first and give you an accurate estimate of the costs.

Stump Grinding in Coffs Harbour – Safety and Benefits

Working safely is of paramount importance to ArbPro. Each job will need a risk assessment, and WH&S procedures will be strictly followed. Once onsite we:

  • Ensure the area is cordoned off safely
  • Deploy a Traffic Control team if necessary (not usually required)
  • Tree stumps and branches are removed and/or chipped for you to use as mulch

The benefits of grinding tree stumps are numerous. Grinding the stump will eliminate a trip hazard, allow space to plant a new tree or grow grass, reduce the risk of termite activity, or simply to leave a neat finish in your yard or grounds of your commercial property or public space.

To explore our stump grinding in Coffs Harbour service, call our experienced Arborists today on 0400 822 848 or go Here