Tree Pruning Coffs Harbour

Tree Pruning in Coffs Harbour to Ensure the Best Growth

Here at ArbPro, we understand the importance of skilful pruning. Not only does it mean the tree with grow in a more balanced and healthy way, but ensures property protection from tree fall impact, fire and leaf litter. Moreover, did you know properly maintained trees add appeal and value to residential and commercial premises? Therefore, it’s essential to hire an experienced arboriculture expert – a professional who understands the cultivation and management of trees, shrubs and woody plants. Make no mistake, an unskilled tree lopper can permanently damage a tree and even cause it to die. So, if you’re looking for professional tree pruning in Coffs Harbour, contact ArbPro Tree Specialists today.

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When to Call ArbPro Tree Specialists Arborists
There are many reasons for calling in a professional arborist for tree pruning services. Trees become unsafe or unsightly because of:

Storm Damage: We get some pretty wild weather in the Coffs Harbour area, and trees are often damaged during high winds. This can cause branches to become unsafe, and they must be attended to. ArbPro will also pre-emptively remove any potential weak branches as part of a planned maintenance schedule.

Disease: A tree may become sick because of deadwood, fungus, pests, bark damage, decaying roots, or old age.

Over-growth of Branches or Crown: Sometimes a branch may become too large and overhang property. Crown removal or reduction significantly improves the level of light able to filter through a tree or may help to enhance the view.

ArbPro arborists will make a thorough diagnosis of your tree health before commencing any job. All pruning work is carried out within Australian Standard 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees.

 Safety Procedures for Tree Pruning

  • Inspect the site before pruning and establish any safety procedures required
  • Ensure the area is cordoned off safely
  • Deploy a Traffic Control team if necessary
  • Tree debris and branches are removed and/or chipped
  • A tree maintenance plan is drawn up
To discuss your Tree Pruning in Coffs Harbour needs, call our experienced Arborists today on 0400 822 848 or Go Here