Wood Chipping & Mulching Coffs Harbour

Whole Tree Wood Chipping & Mulching in Coffs Harbour

ArbPro Tree Specialists provide large wood chippers able to process an entire tree into high-quality mulch. Depending on the species of tree, mulch is very beneficial to your garden. It’s also environmentally friendly, and a great way to make use of fallen trees or branches. So, if we’re removing a tree for you, then you’ll also have the option to get a useful pile of quality mulch too. Also, as a result of our wood chipping & mulching in Coffs Harbour, we offer mulch sales at low prices.

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Wood Chipping & Mulching Gear

Our fleet of 55 cm diameter capacity chippers makes a quick and efficient way to chip tree debris into fine woodchip/mulch perfect for dressing garden beds. We have a range of 4×4 chipper trucks and smaller 2wd chipper trucks to access any job site. Furthermore, when partnered up with our other equipment like excavators and Bobcats, even the large jobs are completed quickly and efficiently.

The Benefits of Mulching your Garden

  • Prevents soil moisture losses by acting as an ‘organic blanket’
  • Alleviates soil compaction
  • Prevents root damage
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Reduces garden maintenance
  • Maintains a steady temperature

Professional Highly Trained Arborists in Coffs Harbour

What really sets ArbPro Tree Specialists apart from others in Coffs Harbour is our commitment to training, our focus on safety and our experience. As such, we ensure our entire team is kept up to date with industry best-practise and the latest WH&S procedures. Also, for peace of mind, we carry $20 million in Public Liability insurance.

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