How much your insurance company will kick in to the cost of tree removal depends on several factors. We’ll have a look at those below. But for now, bear in mind that if you or your neighbour have a tree fall that you’ve been warned about, then you would probably be liable for any costs involved. That’s both damages to property, and the tree removal cost. Furthermore, if you’ve had work done to remove pesky tree roots that might be encroaching on your driveway or house foundations, and then the tree falls over. Bam! You could also be liable for any costs. Clearly, under some circumstances, you could cop the whole bill. So, what will my home insurance pay towards tree removal?

Tree Removal Costs That May Be Covered

You must check your own policy details, but generally speaking, if a tree falls in your yard and doesn’t damage any property, then the removal cost is yours. On the other hand, if it lands on a shed, fence, or (hopefully not), your house, then you could be covered up to a certain amount. The amount for tree removal varies but is generally maxed at $1000.00. The fact is, Home Insurance does not cover all risks. There will be exclusion and condition clauses in the policy to limit the scope of what the insurer has to cover you for.

Have Your Trees Inspected for Damage or Disease

The cost of tree removal will often be more than the amount your insurer is willing to pay. Consequently, it may be prudent to have any trees on your property or near your neighbour’s property, inspected. If any turn out to be at risk, don’t wait for a storm to wreak havoc, have them professionally removed. Essentially, the cost of not removing a problem tree could also be high. If it falls down of its own accord or with the help of a storm, this could end up costing you more than it would to proactively maintain it or in some case, remove it completely.

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